Scheduled Gaming

Playing a Scheduled Game

Want to plan your weekend?  Maybe Guarantee your spot in a game?

Click HERE to start adding games to your personal schedule.  You must have registered for a badge to start signing up for games.

Hosting a Game

Interested in playing a particular game? Having trouble finding enough people to play a really long game (Twilight Imperium)? Perhaps you’d like to playtest a game you have been working on?

We will have a set number of tables dedicated to scheduled gaming. These tables are intended to be used for games that were previously scheduled. Each of these tables will be assigned a number.

For every 4 hours you host games, you will receive 25% off your badge price (max 100%).  

After you have submitted your games for approval, send an email to with your name and the number of hours you’ll be hosting games.  We will then send you a one time use discount code to purchase your badge.

Go to to submit events.  Events will be approved after your badge is purchased.

Important:  We cannot reimburse badge costs for these discounts.  Please be sure to first sign up to host games, second get the discount code, and then purchase the badge.  If you do sign up to host games after you purchase your badge, we can give you your discount in the form of raffle tickets.