Board Game Bingo

This bingo is like an achievement system.  As you participate in events at BCGC, you will fill in your Bingo sheet.  Filling in parts of your sheet award you with raffle tickets and other prizes.

More info on this coming soon.


Capsaicin is a push your luck pepper themed game.  A small deck of peppers will be given to every attendee.  Attendees will have the opportunity to play other attendees using the knowledge of what they have in their decks.

More detail and rules coming soon


Loteria was so well received that we decided to have it again this year.

We will be running Loteria games once an hour on the hour in the 2nd Main room (the large back room).

Winners will receive 1 raffle ticket.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

The name says it all.  This is a cooperative game in which plays split up into 2 groups.  One group can see the bomb and interact with it and the other has the Bomb Defusal Manual.  Easy right?  Sure, except these two group can only talk to each other and there’s a time limit.