Art of the demo

Can you teach a game? Of course anyone can tell you what the rules are,  but I will show subtle tricks to properly demo a table top game.  I am part of 2 professional demo groups, demonstrating games for 4 years and I am a teacher.  I would love to show you how I teach games to customers each and every week!

Presented by: Daniel McKinley

  • Saturday 11:00AM Panel area in the second main room.

Game Design 101

I will be providing tips and tricks for game design.  As a published game designer’s point of view,  I will teach you how I approached game design, and what you can do to make your games the best they can be,  and get published as well.

Presented by: Daniel McKinley

  • Saturday 12:00PM Panel area in the second main room.

Improv showmilJLA

The Improv League will be performing an improvised comedy show reminiscent of the old “Whose Line is it Anyway?”. This show is Short Form style.  Come ready for laughs and a great time!  Featuring performers from the Jesteres League of AmericaMiners improv League, and El Paso Improv Athletes.


  • Friday 10:00PM Panel area in the second main room.
  • Saturday 10:00PM Panel area in the second main room.

Ruben and the Novelty shack17976381_1385942814788898_1415862202_o

BCGC`17 presents the musical parody styling of Ruben and The Novelty Shack, El Paso’s very own parody act! Ruben and The Novelty Shack are known for their unique song parodies that cover a wide variety of topics, from real estate to convention-going and have been producing their music for over fifteen years.


  • Saturday 10:00AM Panel area in the second main room.
  • Sunday 10:00AM Panel area in the second main room.