Weekend-Long Events

Weekend-Long Events

Pitch a Game Competition

Ever tried convincing others to buy something? Interested in making up games? This weekend long event, based off the game Snake Oil, will give you the opportunity to design the greatest tabletop games you can imagine and pitch it to the staff. You will need 2 words which must be the central focus of your game theme. You can make it as complicated or simple as you like, as long as it makes sense and, most importantly, is entertaining. However, not everyone likes all types of games. The staff member you pitch your idea will have a very specific game mechanic or category they love. Do you wait and search for your perfect client? Do you simply make hundreds of different games for any situation? Or can you simply improvise your game meet the demands as you pitch the idea?

Rules for the event:

  • Each badge comes with two randomly selected theme cards.
  • Cards may be traded among other attendees. In fact, it’s encouraged! You may get a card that you already have, so go out and network.
  • You must use the 2 words from your theme cards and show them to the staff member during the pitch.
  • The overall theme of the game must be related to your theme cards. The title and flavor of the game must include the themes.
  • The staff members will have a card with the game category or mechanic that must be part of your game. They will alternate the card throughout the weekend, so make sure you see what they want at the time of your pitch.
  • You must convince the staff members they want the game, and it is up to them to accept it or deny it.
  • The staff members can deny you without even listening to your pitch if they are busy. There will be several other staff members that can listen to your pitch.
  • When you convince staff members, you will be given a signed paper. You must go to the registration table to cash it in for points.
  • Once you cash in 16 points, you can claim victory.

Prizes in order of completion:

  • First: TBA
  • Second: TBA
  • Third: TBA
  • Thereafter: 2 raffle tickets

Game Design Competition

Sure, we all love playing games, but have you ever wanted to create your own game? We will be holding a weekend long event in which attendees can develop their very own game. If you are not interested in creating your own game, but would like to playtest others games, we will be offering raffle tickets to those that play tested games made for this event.

Sunday the 31st the submitted games for the event will be judged by our staff and by attendees. There will be a winner decided by both the judged and the people.


So you’d like to make your own game eh? Well good! Below we have a list of the materials that you are allowed to use and the rules you must follow for the event. Standard paper, paper cut the size of a standard card, card sleeves, card stock (for backing), dice, pencils, pens, and assorted coloring materials will be provided. All of these materials may be used within reason unless otherwise stated.

Rules for the event:

  • Each game may have a team of attendees working on it. Max of 4 people.
  • Each team may only use up to maximum materials.
  • All game themes must be PG-13 or less in nature.
  • A game should not last longer than 15 minutes.
  • Each team must provide a 1 minute elevator pitch selling their game
  • A game must support exactly 4 players.
  • Developers must create rules for their game.
  • All rules must be followed for games to be considered for judging.

Playtesters and Attendees

If you are interested in playtesting a game created for this event, all you have to do is go to the area in which people are making games and ask if anyone would like their game playested. There will be a judge in the area to award you for playtesting a game for this event. Please remember to give constructive criticism for the games that you play. Also, keep in mind that these games are being created in a few days’ time.

On Sunday, before the official judging, attendees will be allowed to judge games for this event and vote for the People’s Choice.