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Year 3 is done!

Thank you to everyone that contributed in some way to our event!\

Pics of the event will be coming in a few weeks once we’ve checked and gotten them all.

Info on year 4 will be coming later this year.  :3



Look at you!  Lucky, ain’t you?

The Don has given you an invitation to help him score one last heist to get the best board games in lockup since the Tabletop Prohibition began- and you’ll get a slice of the take. Simply show up to the site, join a crew and talk to your underboss, and enjoy all the spoils that his criminal empire has to offer- meaning hundreds of board games with people from El Paso and further.

Oh- and the F.E.D.S. have some incriminating evidence on the Don, so if you can survive the timed escape room and get the dirt, then you’ll be the new favorite. And if his time runs out? Well so does yours, pal.  Welcome to Boarder City Game Convention 2018: Tabletop Prohibition.  

Time to score.

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